Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Look Into The Closet

Hi all!

I'm having a lazy day today. Just wearing black jeans and a hoodie, which is not too interesting for an outfit post. So I decided to take some photos of my closet.

First up: a picture of the entire right side of my closet. There's no picture of the entire left side. The placement of my bed makes it impossible to do so. On the upper shelf I keep all my tops and cardigans.

Now the right part in more detail. Here's where I keep my favorite paires of shoes.

And these are all my jackets, skirts and dresses. And some tops I don't want to get folded. In the back of this closet there are also some folded skirts and dressed, but those you can't see in the picture.

And an even more detailed photo of my beloved sunglasses. I wear the red, black and checkered rayban shaped ones the most. I really love the dotted one aswell, but it gets condensed when I wear them.

Now off to the left side! This is where I keep most of my bags. Again, there are some bags that I just piled up behind the other bags that you're not able to see. But of course these are my least favorite ones.

 Below the bags I keep all the other shoes that I do wear but less often than the ones in the right side of the closet.

These are the bags I use most often.They usually hang on my bed like the left one, but I placed them like this in order for you to see them properly.

I hope you enjoyed this look into my closet.



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  1. inderdaad leuk om te zien!
    ik ga je volgen, volg je me terug?

  2. I need to more organised like this i adore these kinda pictures x

  3. Tof om te zien!

    x http://apetitedoll.weblog.nl

  4. Je hebt echt leuke tassen!



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