Monday, May 14, 2012

Outfit | 50s Style Skirt

 Hi all!

Today I didn't exactly go outside, because I was studying and working on my bachelors thesis. Blahhhhh! But it's always fun to make up an outfit, so I did! I really felt like going 50s style today, so I decided to wear my 50s style H&M skirt and kept the rest of the outfit more basic.

I liked this full outfit picture best, but since my feet are cut off I also uploaded another one.

On this picture you can properly see my shoes. These shoes are really amazing. I wear them all the time. They're not really that special, but they look great with most outfits. And they walk so easily! I can seriously walk in these all day.

And a close-up of my belt and cardigan. When you take a good look, you can also see my earrings. Woohoo, and check my cocktail set on the left! I also have a collection of strong liquors like rum, vodka, tequila, etc. Cocktails are good!

I'm wearing

Skirt, top, belt and cardigan from H&M
Earrings from ... I really can't remember
Heels from Van Haren

Hope you like it!




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