Friday, May 11, 2012

Outfit | Checkered Shorts

Hi all!

Today I really felt like wearing my checkered shorts which I bought in Japan last summer. So I did! I made up a 'less is more' kind of outfit around it, because the shorts deserve the most attention. So let's head off to the photos!

♪ From the front ♪

♪ To the middle ♪

♪ To the back ♪

♪ To the end! Back, back, back, back it up! ♪

Ok, I just needed to throw some Caro Emerald lyrics in here. It just came to me when I saw these three pictures of my front, middle and back. Everyone who doesn't know her: shame on you! Check her out as soon as you can!

My cat Pieter was really bugging me while taking photos. He constantly started nuzzling up to the camera. And here he walked into my picture. He was just craving for some attention I guess. We're both gingers, yay!

And here's a close-up of my face to take a closer look at the earrings.

Pieter finally got what he wanted: attention! Some patting from me and even his photo on the internet.

I'm wearing

Top, jacket, shoes and bracelet from H&M
Shorts from Japan
Purse from United Colors of Benetton
Earrings from Istanbul



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  1. Heel leuk broekje!



  2. Ik vind jou zo'n mooi meisje he! Leuke outfit ook :D


  3. Wat een mooi broekje! Ik volg je nu! Volg je misschien ook terug?

  4. Bonjour,
    Vous etes ravissante. Vos jambes sont magnifiques.

  5. Hoi,

    Zou ik de 1 na laatste foto mogen plaatsen op mijn blog?

    Ik hoor het wel

    1. Van mijn hakken bedoel je? Vind ik prima, zo lang je wel zegt dat hij van mij komt en even naar mijn blog linkt. En thanks voor het volgen! XX

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