Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Outfit | A Little Bit Of Sequin

Hi all!

As mentioned in the last post I had the last exam of my bachelors this morning. It didn't exactly go as planned, but well let's hope for a miracle! Now I only have to finish my bachelors thesis and I'm all done!

Normally, I wear this blouse in my skirt or pants but this time I felt like wearing it differently. So I decided to unbutton it and wear it with a little sequin belt. I combined them with my black Mango pants and black boots. The boots are really comfortable, which I really needed, because it's not that much of a short walk from the train station to the location where I had my exam.

What do you think about the combination?

No clue what was so funny in the above picture, haha! But I seem to be really laughing about something.

I'm wearing

Blouse -  H&M
Jeans - Mango
Purse and belt - Primark
Earrings from Japan



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  1. Great outfit, you look beautiful !! :)


  2. Wearing the blouse that way is interesting. The little sequin belt makes it a little more dressy. Any belt always dresses up an outfit, in my opinion and sequins help a lot in that area too. The boots complete the look without making it look overly dressy.


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