Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Outfit | Sunny Polka Dots

Hi all!

Today was a really sunny day again. Seems like it was even warmer than yesterday! I really had to think about what to wear, because it needed to be cool and not too short at the same time. I felt like wearing my shorter than short black shorts with this top, but yeah those shorts are probably too short to go outside in and the top is really short as well. So it didn't seem like a really good idea. Although I wore this top with those shorts at home. Was just so much cooler!

So, here is wat I finally decided to wear when going outside today. What do you think?

 I'm wearing

Blouse - Pimkie
Skirt - Forever 21
Shoes - H&M
Purse - Vintage
Sunglasses - Girlzzz
Earrings - Lucardi



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  1. De outfit staat je heel leuk, niet iets wat ik zou dragen. Maar dat hoeft ook niet.

  2. wow great outfit. love the high skirt and super cool blouse


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