Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Outfit | Thesis Presentation

Hi all!

Today, I had to do a presentation on the research approach of my bachelors thesis. Of course I was a little nervous, but I always feel more confident when I'm wearing a nice outfit. And in this one I felt really good!

First, I took a picture of the entire outfit including the jacket I wore over it outside.

Then the light started playing tricks on me. There wasn't really that much light in the room and I didn't use flash in any of the pictures. I tried over and over again, but the pictures stayed like this. So I finally gave up on that.

 At one point, when trying to make photos that didn't have such a white background, it got even worse. It's so bad, I just needed to post it. I knew I was pale, but I didn't know it was th├ít bad!
More detailed picture in order for you to take a better look at the earrings. They're cute bows inlaid with fake pearls.

A closer look at my shoes.

 And last but not least, a close-up of my shoes and my purse!

I'm wearing

Dress, necklace, jacket and shoes from H&M
Purse from Primark
Earrings from Bijou Brigitte

Hope you liked it!



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