Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wishlist | What This Girl Wants

Hi all!

Today I would like to share the things I want really badly but are not in my possession for different reasons. I made a little polyvore collage of it!

A top hat
I think people should wear top hats more often. And maybe even women in particular. I can't wait until I allow myself to buy this one and make up all kinds of different outfits with it.

A playsuit / something blue
Right now I don't even own a playsuit, so I really think I should be getting one really soon. Also I don't own a lot of blue clothes. Which is a shame, because this particular colour would look very good with my hair!

Vertical striped pants
Just because they're so cool. I already want to wear them with the top hat!

Red pants
I've been looking for a good pair of red pants for such a long time. The only reason I don't have any is because I'm just way too choosy. They have to be exactly the shade of red I have in mind, which is this shade. Also they can not be too expensive. Living on a budget! And I want them to fit perfectly. Well, for some reason this seems impossible. But I will keep on looking!

Guardian Angel Clutch by Vlieger & Vandam
Oooooh, how I love this clutch! It looks so cool and just gives me that James Bond kind of vibe. I spoke to Caro Emerald at the 3FM Awards (Dutch radio awards) and she was carrying one. It looks even better live! Unfortunately, this one is in the category 'Forget it! You are never going to be able to afford this', but a girl can dream.

Prada Baroque Sunglasses
These are in the same category as the clutch, but I'm open for any knock-off you can find. I really have a thing for special sunglasses. You can check the post 'A Look Into The Closet' to verify my sayings. And this one, I think, is special aswell. I just love the look of it. It looks really baroque (say what?!) and old school. Can't really explain, just craving it.

Emerald green jewellery (below)
I really love this green shade in combination with my haircolour. That's why I have emerald green jewellery on my wishlist. This ring and earrings I found on Polyvore. I hope to find fake ones that look just like this one day. I also want to buy a lace top in the near future. This is an outfit I would like to wear with a lace top and the jewellery. Unfortunately, I don't have shoes in this colour either.

Hope you liked it!



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