Monday, June 11, 2012

Instagram | Diary Week 23

Hi all!

To give my blog a more personal touch I decided to do an Instagram diary every week. A lot of other bloggers do this as well and I think it's a very good way to share a little part of my life with my followers. So here's my first Instagram diary!

I'm with the VSAE!

Last wednesday was the monthly free drink of my study association. All members can get free drinks at the bar and that's what we have this stamp for. So the bartenders know who are allowed to get the free drinks.

We got this sleeping bag for cats for free when buying cat food at the pet store last week. My cat Pieter felt too cool for this. He wouldn't lie in it and just sat on it. But my friends cat likes it very much, as you can see!

On thursday I went to Haarlem Shopping Night. This picture was taken by an employee of the shop 'Best Kept Secret'. I didn't even notice someone took a picture until I got tagged in it on Facebook!

And here is a little photoseries of Pieter rolling on the floor just next to the stairs.

Please let me know if you like Instagram diaries like this!



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  1. Die kattenslaapzak is echt schattig!

  2. Wat een super leuke kat! Leuke foto's. Liefs

  3. What's your instagram? I'd like to follow you. If you want to follow me: @saaaalb :)

    1. Hi! I'm either sonn91 or red__sonja (two underscores). It was sonn91 at first, but I wanted to change this. Now sometimes it says sonn91 and sometimes red__sonja. Just try, haha! If you see the above photos you know you got the right one :) I will follow you!


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