Saturday, June 2, 2012

Instagram | Fun Day

Hi all!

At first I wanted to tell this story in my outfit post, but it got really messy so I decided to make a seperate post with Instagram pictues of yesterday.

As shortly mentioned in the outfit post I had a quality time day with a good friend of mine who lives in Antwerp. I thought it would be fun to tell how we met each other, since it's kind of a cool story. She started following me on twitter because she found out I'm a huge fan of Caro Emerald which she is as well. We started tweeting, then facebooking and eventually even met in real life. So being a fan of Caro Emerald actually brought me something really valuable: friendship.

We ended up having a very long day together. First we went swimming, then into the themepark that goes with the Tikibad. Then we went shopping in The Hague where I didn't buy anything, because everything I found felt too expensive and like I would be able to buy something similar in Primark. So I prefer buying something similar in Primark then!

After that we had dinner at the Boulevard in Scheveningen on a terrace with view on the sea, captured in the following two pictures.

We ended our day at a cocktailbar that was also located at the Boulevard. The right one is my cocktail. It was made of Cointreau, lemon and sugar water. Hers was made of tons of different ingredients. I remember strawberry, cherry and gin. Hers was actually better, but mine tasted really good aswell!

Mine on the right again. This time Bacardi Superior, coke and lemon. A classic, but for good reasons! I love this cocktail! Hers was called Brazilian Bang and made of Blue Curacao and Pisang Ambon. This time mine was obviously better since hers tasted like bubblegum, which I think is just way too sweet. Also, she spilled it on me and the lounge sofa. Haha!

My favorite cocktail is called Sex On The Beach. Always funny when you go "I want Sex On The Beach" or "I would like Sex On The Beach" to a waiter, haha! It's made of vodka, peach liquor, orange juice and cranberry juice.

Do you have a favorite drink or cocktail?



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  1. Lekker hoor, ik houd wel van een mooi drankje. Dat pilsje is echt exponentiëel groot bij je gezicht haha.

    1. Haha, ja klopt. Het was een halve liter glas. XX

  2. Love the first Picture ,you look so happy ♡

    Lovely Greetings ,big Hug :)

  3. leuke foto's!
    krijg er helemaal een zomergevoel van haha

  4. I love Malibu and coke, Tia Maria and coke, Mai Tai, mango daiquiri, anything with Baileys in it and mojito. Anything sweet!


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