Friday, June 8, 2012

New In | Primark

Hi all!

Today I went to the Primark store in Zaandam (near Amsterdam). I was supposed to go with just my best friend, but we found out my mom and sister were planning to go to Primark today as well. Such a coincidence! So we went together. As I mentioned earlier I needed a lot of new clothes. Also, I felt I had too little jewelry. I really went crazy on jewelry, haha! But oh well, it costs nearly nothing! Off to the photos...

Yep, I bought four bags. At first it felt pretty bad, but considering I started out with seven I actually did pretty good! And hey, they're really cheap and when a girl has the chance to buy really cheap purses, she should take any chance she gets!

A close up of this tiny little sweetheart, because I just fell in love with it when I saw it. Grabbed it, didn't have a price tag attached to it, ah who cares?! It was the last one! I'm so happy with it!

On the left just a basic rib top and a turquoise belt. Usually I'm not really into t-shirts with such prints, but this one had a record player on it, like hellooo?! Haha, just needed to have it.

Here's a little close up of the dress, because in the other picture you couldn't really see the texture. Looks quite nice!

Yay, finally a playsuit! In my earlier post about my wishlist, you could read that I wanted a playsuit. I didn't have one yet. Others I found just were so loose on my belly. I didn't like the way that looked on me. But this one is great and only 6 euro's. Also, another cobalt blue item to add to my closet and a sheer blouse with gold coloured buttons.

I'm thinking about pimping up the collar of the white sheer blouse. Any ideas on that?

A basic striped top with red button details, a vintage looking kind of pink sheer blouse and a peplum top. I just love the peplum trend and now I'm finally able to join it as well! I also wanted this in cobalt blue, but it was sold out in my size. So if anyone is going to Primark and finds this peplum top in cobalt blue in a size 34 (8) I would be really happy if you could buy it for me. I will pay the price + shipping and a little extra if the shipping is not too high, haha.

The jewelry. See for yourself!

After fitting, I tried to make outfit photos in the fitting room. Which drastically failed, as you can see below. I decided to make outfit photos somewhere else. Within an hour you can expect an outfit post!

What do you think of my new Primark pieces?



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  1. Oeh wat leuk allemaal! Dat donkerblauwe jurkjes is superleuk!

  2. Wat een mooie aankopen zeg. Van die tassen van de Primark krijg je nooit genoeg. Liefs

  3. Wat een leuke aankopen! En zo veel sieraden, super!


  4. Die witte blouse & sieraden zijn het leuskte! (:

  5. Supergaaf! Echt superleuke sieraden <3

    Liefs Linda van

  6. Hoeveel van die tasjes waren er nou nog?


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