Monday, June 11, 2012

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Hi all!

There is a new concept in the Netherlands called 'Fashionbox'. This box is just for the Netherlands, but I decided to write this post in English as well to also make it understandable for my non-Dutch readers.

There were already some beauty boxes out there, but this is the first box that also contains fashion items. The box will be delivered at your house every month containing 6 fashion and beauty items. Examples of what you can expect are accessories, jewelry, fashion magazines and gift cards for webshops. In the beauty department you can expect skin, nail and hair products. A subscription to the Fashionbox costs 14,95 euro's each month and you can terminate your description every month if you'd want to. In total, all items in the Fashionbox will be worth more than the 14,95 euro's you're paying. Also shipping costs are included in the price!

I have been contemplating whether I should order this box or not. Of course I'm interested in the fashion items, but I'm not really into beauty products. I use nail products, shampoo, conditioner, mascara, eye pencil  and sometimes hair spray, but that's really it. I'm just too impatient to use beautyproducts. It takes me a lot of time and I don't really see any difference usually. But today I saw a status update by Fashionbox on Facebook saying that the first Fashionbox, which is due for august, is almost sold out. I figured that I was just too curious for the fashion items and ordered the box.

If you also want to order this limited edition first Fashionbox you can click on the picture on the left.

As I said, Fashionbox is also on Facebook. They give away an XXL Fashionbox to one of their Facebook fans when they reach 1000 likes. You can like them here!

Well, I'm really curious what will be in this first Fashionbox in august. I will review the box for you when it arrives. If you're a Dutchie and also very curious, I recommend you to order it as well by clicking on the banner. If you're still a bit anxious on ordering something that's so new in the market, just patiently wait for my review in august!



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