Friday, June 8, 2012

Outfit | Extreme Primark Shopping

Hi all!

This post is about the outfit I was wearing while doing some extreme Primark shopping. At first I wanted to wear my new cobalt blue shorts which I bought at H&M two days ago with tights. But then I figured that wouldn't be really handy when trying on flip flop like sandals. So I decided to wear pants instead and combined them with these low heeled sandals and a black & white flower print top. I didn't wear any jewelry, because I think that just gets in the way when you're shopping. So, let's see for yourself!

I'm wearing

Top, pants and sandals - H&M
Purse - Primark

What do you think of this basic kind of shopping outfit?



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  1. Staat je echt prachtig! Krijg nu alleen wel ontzettend veel zin om weer naar de Primark te gaan!

  2. Wat een mooie outfit! Zo simpel maar heel stylish! Leuke blog heb je, ik heb m net pas gevonden ;) xxx

  3. Thanks allebei voor de lieve comments! :) XX

  4. Hey angel:) you so gorgeous and your blog is awsome, just follow me, i will follow you back:)

  5. Love the high waisted pants! Primark is evil though, don't you think? haha. Always so extremely crowded when I go there.

    With love,

    Kimberley Jade

    1. Haha, yes it is! But it's all worth it in my opinion :) XX

  6. Haha wow je bent goed geslaagd zeg! XO

  7. Lekker simpel. Maar dit staat je echt heel mooi!


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