Friday, June 22, 2012

Outfit | Leaving For A Little Trip

Hi all!

In a few minutes I'm heading to Amsterdam to meet some friends of my study association. The study association has arranged an end of the college year trip to a place in the Netherlands called Elburg. Elburg is very close to theme park Walibi. This evening we will watch the Germany - Greece match of Euro2012 together, have a BBQ and hope that it will not be raining ALL the time. We will camp there with tents for one night. Great weather for camping right now in the Netherlands... Umm, no not really!

Oh well, it finally gave me the opportunity to wear my cute ankle boots which I bought as festival boots. But a rainy campingsite gets muddy as well, so I'm wearing them! I combined it with really basic items, because I have to travel for 3 hours to get there. So it's got to be a little comfortable.

 And this is what I'm wearing when it gets really cold at night. It's an off white knitted sweater. But the light is really bad. Sorry!

What do you think of my outfit?

I'm wearing

Black jeans - Mango
Top, sweater and jacket - H&M
Ankle boots - Wellington knock-offs from eBay
Ring and earrings - Primark

Last but not least, I will be back tomorrow night. But I have to work on sunday at the grocery store again. So, my next post will be sunday evening or on monday.



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  1. Your ankle boots are so cute with the little bow! You look all festival-proof, even though you're not going to a festival haha. Nice jewellery as well :)

  2. OMG, wat een geweldige laarsjes! Daarmee kun je een regenachtig kampeerfeestje wel mee doorkomen. Leuk trouwens dat je naar Elburg gaat, dat is vlak bij mij. Veel plezier

    1. Haha, wat leuk! Het was erg gezellig. Alle locals herkenden ons aan de gele fietsen en gingen vragen waar we vandaan kwamen, haha! XX

  3. Heel leuk, vooral je laarsjes!

  4. schattige laarsjes zeg! :)


  5. Leuke laarsjes!!


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