Saturday, July 7, 2012

Instagram | Diary Week 27

Hi all!

Week 27 isn't exactly over yet, but it's already saturday and since I'm working at the grocery store today, tomorrow and on monday, there will be no outfit posts. Not really exciting posting my black jeans and blue grocery store blouse outfit three days in a row, ha? There won't be much things worth snapping in Instagrams shots the last two days of this week, so here's my Instagram diary of week 27 already!

On the left: in the train to Leiden, the city where my best friend lives. On the right: high tea in Leiden with my best friend!

On the left: I was clearly thirsty when grocery shopping... On the right: cheese with honey mustard dill sauce is the BEST! I always buy two jars of this when I'm in Leiden. The grocery store where my best friend does her grocery shopping sells this and it's just amazing!

Organizing my readers and study books. Can you tell the difference between the subject with the interesting and the not so very interesting lectures? Haha!

I hope you liked this early Instagram diary of week 27! Off to week 28!



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  1. Leuk! Haha zo zien mijn boeken en collegeblokken er ook uit.. x

  2. Ik ben benieuwd naar de post met de favoriete bloggers outfits van de week!! :) Trouwens, doe jij Business and Economics bij de uva ? X

  3. Ooh, haha ja ik dacht al ik herken die boeken. Ik doe Economie & Bedrijfskunde xo

    ps $100 sheinside giveaway on my blog

  4. Hel mooie foto s!Vooral nummer 3 met maxie rok!X


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