Thursday, August 9, 2012

Diary | Holiday In Spain Part IV - Car Photos

Hi all!

I love making photos while in the car when I'm on vacation. As the beautiful views are passing by I tried to make pictures that show the true beauty of the views. This is very difficult to do when driving at a speed of 120 km/h, haha! So a lot of the photos turned out pretty bad. But some of them turned out better, so these are the ones I'm showing you. Plus one really bad one, haha!

In the following two I forgot to remove the map from the dashboard first, so the mirror image of the map is kind of ruining the picture. Please look past that, haha!

And here I tried to photograph the end of a tunnel, but there was so much light at the end and so much dirt on the window that it turned out horrible!

Hope you enjoyed this post with car photos! Do you ever take car photos?



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  1. I never take car pictures because I know they always turn out horrible haha. But your pictures are all oke! only the last picture makes you feel like you are in a horror movie or something haha

  2. Oeh een tunnel! Haha! Leuke foto's! Hopelijk heb je van je reisje genoten! En nee ik neem geen carfoto's :)

    *Doe je al mee aan mijn giveaway?*

  3. Haha dat doe ik ook altijd in de auto. Bij jou zijn ze behoorlijk goed gelukt!!

  4. Goed gelukt zeg! Ik kan niet wachten tot ik ga..nog een paar weekjes :D


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