Sunday, August 12, 2012

Diary | Holiday In Spain Part V - Random Photos

Hi all!

I'm finished posting all the photos related to certain trips on my vacation. Such as city related photos. This post is for all the random photos that I think are worth to post, but do not fit in any particular topic. This is also going to be the last photo diary post about my vacation to Spain. There's only a New In post left about my vacation. So, please enjoy my last holiday in Spain photos!

Meet José Jalapeño (Spanish pronounciation please!) on a stick (on aaa shteeeeeck). It's not really a jalapeño, but it still inspired us to recreate one of Jeff Dunham's puppets!

And here's a series of some palmtree and sky photos that I made.

These goats were kept in a shelter near our villa. Here the goats are going back to their shelters after a day of grazing.

I love cats! I always end up with at least one photo of a cat on a holiday, haha!

Our villa as it looks from the road at twilight.

And two pictures of the beautiful sunrise we saw when flying back home to Amsterdam!

Hope you enjoyed my random photos!



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  1. Mooie foto's allemaal!

  2. Prachtige foto's, en fijn dat het leuk was! :)

  3. Haha, ik moest heel erg lachen om José Jalapeño on a 'stiieck'. Ik vind Jeff Dunham zo geniaal. Mijn vriend alleen niet en dan hebben we altijd enorme discussies er over...

    Maar wat een heerlijke foto's. Dat ziet er uit als een fantastische vakantie!


    1. Haha, ja leuk toch Jeff Dunham! Rare vriend hoor ;) Haha, nee smaken verschillen natuurlijk! XX


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