Friday, August 3, 2012

Outfit + Photodiary | Relaxing By The Pool

Hi all!

Here's another outfit post from my vacation in Spain. At first I felt really awkward posting a photo of myself wearing a bikini on my blog. But when I go to the beach people see me as well and I really liked the diva look of some of the photos, so I wanted to share them with you anyway. The photos on which I'm featured are shot by my friend. The other photos are shot by me. In the first few photos you see me relaxing by the pool with a Mexican tequila beer. After that there's a little series of other fun swimming pool pics. I'm wearing my knock off Prada baroque sunglasses which I got on eBay for little more than 2 euro's! Enjoy!

And here's where my little, just a few days ago turned 16, brother comes in.

My view from the sunbed next to the pool.

At one point, my father and brother came up with the idea of using empty coke bottles as swimmingpool toys. First up: my brother floating on the water by putting bottles in his pants...

My father and brother using two bottles as bats and one as a 'ball'.

Aaah, I come from such a normal family!

One heck of an interesting picture of two bottles floating on the water.

My brother filled one bottle with water and let it sink. Then I took a picture. Here's the result. Looks funny I think!

And, last but not least, my view if I looked up on my sunbed.

I'm wearing

Bikini - H&M
Hat - Primark
Sunglasses - eBay

What do you think of the photos?



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  1. Leuke foto's!
    Mooie hoed ook, en is de zonnebril echt prada? Zo ja: echt mazzel!

    1. Nope! Daar is mijn budget niet naar. Het is een knock off van eBay voor nog geen 3 euro inclusief verzendkosten! XX

  2. Oh dit ziet er echt zo relaxed uit! Volgens mij heb jij echt een heerlijke vakantie!


  3. You Have a particular and fun style with great taste.

  4. Ziet er echt ontzettend leuk en gezellig uit! Die foto van de fles onder water is inderdaad leuk geworden haha!

    X Saskia


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