Monday, September 24, 2012

Outfit | It Was Supposed To Storm

Hi all!

Today I decided to wear a very warm outfit with a knitted cardigan, very thick thights and a scarf, because lots of rain and a thunder storm were forecasted. It turned out not to be that bad and I turned out feeling very warm, because the weather was nothing like was forecasted. Right now, while writing this, the storm seems to begin so maybe I will need it tonight when I'm going to Amsterdam for a meeting.

I'm posting pictures of my outside outfit this time, because it's that time of year that you start needing a coat or jacket outside!

I'm wearing

Dress - Bought in the USA
Jacket - H&M
Scarf - Only via Zalando
Boots - Café Moda
Guardian Angel Bag - Vlieger & Vandam



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  1. ME OH MY!
    Is dat DE tas?!
    Jaaaa, het is DE tas,
    mijn hemel wat wil ik die graag,
    hij staat al eeuwig op mijn wishlist haha!

  2. Great bag & love your nails ♥


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