Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sewing | My First Self Made Piece

Hi all!

I love new clothes and shopping, but sometimes I just have a piece of clothing in mind I'm not able to find in any store and which seems to exist in my head only. So I decided I needed to learn how to sew. During summer break my mom introduced me to the basic sewing machine and the lock machine. This is a machine that cuts the fabric, sews and ties off at the same time, making the stitches look as if they were made in a factory.

Today I'm introducing you with the first piece I made using both these machines. It's just a very simple top made using a basic sewing pattern. I just made this to practise and I will need to practise on some other pieces as well before I will be able to make the things I have in mind.

1) Front 2) Detail of arm hole 3) detail of neck 4) detail of lock machine stitches
I know it's not amazing, but I'm proud I was able to make this as my first piece and I will continue practising!



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