Monday, October 22, 2012

Caro Emerald Plugged My Blog + 100 Followers!

Hi dears!

Today was an extremely good day for my blog. This morning I welcomed my 100th follower! Oh yeah! There are already 102 of you right now. And like that wasn't enough reason for declaring this a good day, out of nowhere I see this update by Caro Emerald appearing on Facebook. What?! She's plugging my blog! More specifically this post about my quest for the perfect Royal Albert Hall outfit. That's just so awesome!

The post of course turned from not even being in the top 20 most viewed posts into my most viewed post ever. Happened within 2 hours! So a huge thank you for Caro!

And thank you all for following me and commenting on my posts! I love reading every single one of them! As soon as I reach 100 followers on GFC I will do a really fun give away. That means there's 19 GFC followers more to go. Will keep you posted on that!

For now...

Cheers to all of you & Caro!

XX Sonja

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