Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Instagram Diary | Last Three Weeks

Hi all!

I've been really lazy with my Instagram posts lately. Some weeks I would have one or two photos, but that just isn't really worth making an entire blog post for don't you think? Haha! So here are some Instagram shots of the last three weeks. Hope you'll like it!

1) Fancy pen and notebook at hotel The Grand in Amsterdam where the career event of which I was in the organisation was held. 2) My badge and corsage on my jacket which made me stand out as organisation member. 3) When I mentioned I was thirsty within 5 minutes there was a staff member of hotel The Grand bringing me this. 4) What's an Instagram Diary without a picture of my cat?! 5) Shopping at Primark! 6) My first Zalando order arrived! You can see my outfit with it here.



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  1. Ziet eruit als een leuk weekje! Mooie foto's :-)

    xoxo The Daily Fashion Drug

  2. Wat een mooi notitieboekje en pen!
    En je kat zo lief met dat vlekje naast zijn neus haha.

  3. Altijd leuk om te zien. Wat een lieve kat heb je! :)

  4. Leuke foto's! En ahhhhw. Wat een schattig kopje heeft je kat!

  5. Leuk om te zien, ik hou van Primark!


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