Monday, October 29, 2012

Room Tour | Part I

Hi there!

Yesterday I rearranged my closet for fall/winter. Shoving all my summer clothes to the back of my closet and giving my sweaters a prominent spot. While doing this I thought 'Why not make a post about my closet?' which again made me think 'Why not make a post about my entire room?' I turned out having a lot of photos, so I decided to first make a general room tour post showing my room and my closet from the outside and save the closet photos for a later time. Well, here is part I! I hope you'll like it!

First up: my desk! I decorated my desk (and computer) with souvenirs (wooden cat statue, coconut and shells), cocktail gear, some of my jewelery and accessories and Caro Emerald related stuff.

And this beautiful thing is my vintage saxophone case by Selmer containing my Selmer tenor saxophone of course. On top is a box I got from Caro's management when I first met her backstage at Paradiso. These boxes were used in record stores to display Caro's debut album. I filled it with all the singles Caro ever released. I put the one with my favorite cover at the front.

Here you see part of my bed, my record player and vinyl collection and my huge fan (span of over 2 meters). Oh, plus the stuffed seaturtle my boyfriend gave me when he came home from vacation in Hawaii!

The records I played most recently are usually on top of my lovely Beocenter.

Two more fans + Caro Emerald over-kill, haha! The black fan I bought in Japan in the temple that contains the biggest Buddha statue in the world. But, the most important part of this picture, the pride of my room, is this tin poster Caro signed for me when I met her backstage at Paradiso.

It says:"To Sonja, one of my best fans! Thank you for your support, I enjoy it! Love, Caro" I'm very proud of this one and this will have a spot on any wall at any place I will ever live. Boyfriend will just have to deal with it, haha! He actually finds this very cool and he likes Caro as well. Lucky me!

Other part of my bed (with Guardian Angel) + part of my closet.

Padadummm! My one and only closet! Looks awesome right? Sorry, you can't buy this anywhere. My father made this for me out of three of those cheap ass IKEA closets! I'm very happy with it!

I hope you liked this post! Please let me know what you think of my room!

XX Sonja

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  1. waaauw! Wat heb je een geweldige kamer. Leuk ingericht en vooral de kast met de palmbomen is erg mooi. Geeft echt een vakantiegevoel!


  2. great decoration!

    Please, follow my blog on Bloglovin and Facebook, if you like it. I can do the same for you, just let me know in my comments ;)

    Have a fabulous day!

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  3. so cuuuteee :)

  4. Wat een leuke kamer heb je! Dat bed had ik vroeger ook, haha.

  5. Leuk! Die poster hangt ook op mijn werk bij Thomas ook haha!


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