Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tip | Webshop Granny Was Groovy

Hey everyone!

Just a few days ago while strolling down the internet for nice vintage pieces to wear in my Royal Albert Hall outfit I found a Dutch vintage webshop called Granny Was Groovy. Their name is already pretty awesome! I saw some very pretty vintage gloves, but I want to find the perfect dress before I start buying accessories. So I didn't buy them. But they do have a lot of fun pieces! I especially like the vintage purses they have right now. The point is, I've forbidden myself to buy any new bags or purses this year because of the most recent contribution to my bag and purse collection: my Guardian Angel. Also a plus, they pay 1 euro per sold item to the environmental dimension. Really worth a look!

Getting curious? I will show you some of my favorite pieces below!

Oooh, especially the cane purse (top right) is sooo heaven to my eyes. Must... Resist...

The glove on the right is the one I was talking about before.

They even have old-school phones and lunch boxes! I remember us having a phone like that. But ours didn't have such a wonderful colour.

What do you think of this webshop?

XX Sonja

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  1. I really adore your style and I would wear every piece you picked, well except the hat because I do not have a hat head.
    I have to check out the webshop now.

  2. Wat een geweldige items!! De webshop is heel gaaf.
    je hebt een hele leuke vintage smaak, daar houd ik ook echt van :)

    LOVE BO,

  3. Echt leuke items, lekker vintage!


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