Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wishlist | Wanted... A Lot!

Hey dears!

A few days ago I made a post about something I want: a faux fur coat. Instead of making a seperate post for all things I want (I assure you, you don't want that!) I made a wishlist for you. I made this collage with Polyvore and I had a really hard time fitting everything I want in the white box, haha! I actually would like a lot more things than featured in this collage, but it does give you an idea of what I've been craving for. Well, let's get started!

From left to right-ish:

Ankle boots in different colours
I own black ankle boots by H&M which are shaped like the cobalt blue ones already and I love them so much, I'm craving for the same kind of ankle boots in different colours. First up are cobalt blue and burgundy!

(Faux) leather shorts
I don't own a lot of leather items. Probably even none, except for shoes. I do own two faux leather jackets. I really like black leather shorts. They're very simple, because they are black, but at the same time have a little edge because they are made of leather. Would love to own some!

Top hat
This one was also on my wishlist which I posted half a year ago, so it's actually about time that I buy one. This one is the best I could find and I really want to buy it, but the point is... it isn't for sale in a physically existing store and I'm not entirely confident it will look good on me. I do hope so, because I absolutely love top hats! I think women should wear more top hats! Ok, I'm buying it... Haha!

Abbey Road top
I adore the Beatles and my favorite album of them is Abbey Road. There are a ton of different Abbey Road tops available, but I have some requirements it has to meet. I don't want one of those typical t-shirt shaped ones in white with just the album cover printed in the middle of the front like a square. I find that so lame, haha! I want the Abbey Road picture to cover the entire front. The one featured here is closest to what I want, but it's still a little too long. I want to be able to tuck it into my pants without the Beatles' feet being cut off. Is that too much to ask for? Probably, haha!

Gold coloured jewelery
Recently while creating outfits I found out that I own way too less gold coloured jewelery. It's really a handicap while dressing myself. I mean, sometimes you just need some gold right?! What I'm lacking most is earrings.

Black (faux) leather pleated skirt
I find these soooo chique. When I saw another blogger wearing one (absolutely forgot who it was, bad me!) I just felt like getting one too. Love it!

Elvis dress
Ever since I saw Imelda May on the Graham Norton show wearing this dress I want one. Another colour would be even better, but how cool is this?!

Black/white striped + red pants
These were also on my list half a year ago already. There's a very simple reason they are still on the list: I just can't find the right ones. Red pants don't often come in the shade I want, and when they do they don't fit me well. The black/white striped ones often have too thin stripes in my opinion or they don't fit me well. I have this problem a lot with jeans and pants. They tend to fit really loose on my butt, making me look like I don't have any feminine shape. I'll keep on looking!

Burgundy velvet skirt
The wish for a burgundy velvet skirt actually came out of nowhere. Just came to me at some point a few days ago. I would probably wear it with my black H&M ankle boots!

Heeled brogues
I own a pair of heeled brogues by H&M. But they're already over 4 years old, so they don't exactly look that good anymore. I never wear them, because they just look ruined. But for some reason I can't throw them away before I have new ones.

Hope you liked reading about my wishlist!

XX Sonja

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  1. Wat een toffe collage met leuke items ♥

  2. Leuk! Ik vind de twee rokjes en de jeans het leukst. Het hoedje ook wel, maar het past totaal niet bij me eigenlijk, ik denk dat het me ook niet zal staan, haha.

  3. Such lovely items, I got a pair of brown baroque heels, they are my favorite pair of shoes to wear in fall.
    Also i have been craving a velvet skirt. ♥

  4. Die velvet rok zou je zoooo leuk staan!

  5. Leuke wishlist en collage! De (nep)leren rok en short zijn erg gaaf!

  6. Wat een leuke wishlist en collage zeg!
    Ik denk dat alles hiervan je echt ontzettend goed zal staan :-)

    xoxo The Daily Fashion Drug

  7. Echt heel leuk gedaan!! Ik vind je collage echt mooi! Heel anders dan al het strakke wat je normaal voorbij ziet komen en waar ik zelf ook me schuldig aan maak:P

    XxX Farah


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