Friday, November 9, 2012

Favorites | I Love Vintage

Hey hey!

You probably recognize the feeling of strolling down an online shop wanting to buy half of the items they offer. I get this feeling a lot. Especially now I've saddled myself with the hard task of not buying anything that's not on my wishlist the rest of this year. And no, I'm not allowed to write anything new on my wishlist as well, because that would make it much easier for me to spend money.

This nevertheless doesn't stop me strolling down (online) shops, making things much more difficult for myself. Haha, you're a fashion lover or you're not I guess. So, because I can't buy all the wonderful things I find and show them to you in outfits, I decided to make some favorites posts for you about the online shops I visit the most and show you my favorite items of those shops. This time: I Love Vintage! Enjoy!

These items are from their vintage collection. I just love the striped blouse. I think I would wear it a lot if I bought it. But I won't! And just look at the gorgeous details of the skirt. Love it!

These are my favorites from their vintage shoes collection. Don't you just adore the cute bows?!

I'm a real sucker for vintage beaded bags. So this one from I Love Vintage is definitely on my favorites list from their collection! The other ones I would love to have as well.

These three are from their new collection. So they're not vintage, but they are vintage inspired. The first two are good options for my Royal Albert Hall outfit. The last one would be great for Christmas or a night out!
What do you think of my favorite items?

XX Sonja

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  1. Oh I love the black shoes! The bow is such a cute detail! I also love the black dress in the middle of the last photo.

    Have a nice day!

  2. Ooh die zwarte tas is zo leuk! xx

  3. What I tend to do when I come across a shop I love is put everything I want in my basket. And then close the browser. It's pretty sadistic, but it fulfills the ned (kind of) ;)

  4. vind het eerste blouse heel leuk! ben zelf alleen niet zo van de lage hakjes, maar smaken verschillen natuurlijk, haha!


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