Thursday, November 15, 2012

Outfit | Parisian Beret

Hi my lovely readers!

This tuesday I went shopping in Amsterdam after a lecture. I didn't actually buy anything, but I did see some great things! I tried on dresses at I Love Vintage for my Royal Albert Hall outfit. There was one really pretty one, very tight pencil shaped and over knee long made of black velvet. But I was actually there to try on another dress which they didn't have in stock, so I decided not to buy this dress as well. And now while typing this I'm really starting to regret not buying it... Argh! I really can't stand myself sometimes. I really feel like going back and buying it right now. Or in burgundy? I just now see on their website they have it in burgundy as well. Ok, I feel a 'help me with my Royal Albert Hall outfit' post coming up for tomorrow! Haha! For now, the outfit I was wearing during this shopping spree!

I'm wearing

Dress - H&M
Shoes - H&M
Jacket - H&M
Necklace - H&M
Beret - Paris

Haha, I do not shop too much at H&M... No really not! Ahum.



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  1. Mooie outfit! Leuk dat Parijse tintje!

  2. Dankjewel !
    ooh ik vind je blazertje leuk !

  3. Heel leuk en origineel :)

  4. nice beret...the jacket is wonderful..perfect match

    i am following..i hope you can check my blog and follow back


  5. Mooie outfit! Leuk je baretje :)



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