Saturday, December 8, 2012

Instagrammies | Week 49

Hi hi!

The week is not exactly over yet, but since I'm only going to be studying this weekend I will probably not be making any new Instagrammies this week. That's why I'm showing you them on saturday this week. This thursday I went to a pre-Christmas dinner of my boyfriends' work in a really fancy restaurant. We got a different wine with every course and also every wine and course got introduced by a man telling a story about it. I really loved the dessert and the main course! There are no pictures of this, but I do have some other pictures you might enjoy!

P.S. The first two are actually of last week. You can follow me @RedSonjaFashion

1) Vinyl EP Elektromantique by Kypski & The Matangi Quartet arrived. Really cool combination of classical music and DJ-ing! 2) Receiving my bachelors diploma 3) They spelled my name like Soya at Starbucks... Are you kidding me? My name is not that hard right, or is it? 4) I made a cheese letter J for my little brother Jelle, who is a real cheese addict. Chocolate letters are really common Sinterklaas presents, so I decided to make him a cheese version. 5) Tangled hair from hell. Took me some time to untangle it... 6) My new burgundy brogues. I love them!



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  1. Leuke foto`s, wel heel erg dat ze jou naam verkeerd spellen!

  2. Leuke blog heb je, ik volg je.
    Ik vind je brogues echt supergaaf!
    ps; wil je miss. meedoen met de giveaway op mijn blog?, ik zou het echt super vinden.

  3. Ik volgde je al, haha. Superleuke foto's! Ik vind het idee van die kaasletter nog steeds geweeeeldig, hahaha.

  4. Whaha een kaasletter!
    Ik dacht eerst hmm lekker chocolade :d leuk bedacht.

  5. Nice pics!

  6. Leuke foto's!
    En die schoenen zijn heel mooi :D

  7. Ziet eruit als eempn gord weekje!

  8. Hele gave brogues zeg!
    Leuk artikel :)


  9. Ik vond je cheeseletter zooo leuk!!:D:D:D


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