Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sinterklaas Presents!

Hi there!

3 more GFC followers and there will be a celebration give away!

Yesterday was Sinterklaas gifts night in the Netherlands. Santa Claus is actually derived from the Dutch Sinterklaas. The holiday is also similar to Christmas in the way that children get presents from Sinterklaas, except that Sinterklaas arrives on a steamboat with a horse and helpers instead of reindeers and elfs. And we don't decorate the house for it. But we do for Christmas, which we also celebrate. So that's two holidays in one month, yay!

Here are some pictures of the presents that I got! I also gave my brother a very awesome present, but I will show you that one in my Instagram post at the end of the week!

Beatles LP - sewing pattern for a skater type dress - Fabulous Fifties, Fabulous Fashion collection book - mini measuring cup for making cocktails - cubic shaped earrings - nail polish (for further description look below) - chocolate letter S (typical Sinterklaas present) - houndstoothed umbrella

These two nail polishes I got from my sister. The left one is a crackle type nail polish which crackles into a crocodile skin pattern. The right one is magnetic nail polish. It works like this: you paint the polish on your nail and then hold the magnetic lid above your nail and a pattern appears. Should be cool! I will be swatching these for you later!

This peplum top I got from my mother. I think it's very pretty!

What do you think of my presents? And for the Dutchies and Belgians: what did you get?



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  1. super leuke dinggetjs!
    liefs, laila.

  2. Good post and blog. Lets follow each other?

  3. Wat een leuke cadeautjes! Ik vind je topje heel mooi !
    Helaas vieren wij geen Sinterklaas meer, maar alleen kerst :(

    xoxo The Daily Fashion Drug

  4. Leuke Peplum! En de rest van je kadootjes :)
    Helaas krijg ik alleen een chocolade letter met sinterklaas.. haha beetje balen.

  5. Waauw die laatste top is echt geweldig!! Liefs :)

  6. Je hebt echt hele leuke dingen gekregen. Vooral dat peplum topje. waauwiee!


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