Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Instagrammies | Week 3

Hello there!

I think this week I broke my all time Instagram record. I have 10 photos for you this week, where normally I don't even get to 10 in two weeks! 20% of this is due to my cat being very photogenic this week, also 20% is due to Caro Emerald getting her stunning face on the covers of two Dutch magazines and another 20% is due to the snow. Which leaves me with 4 remaining photos and I'm back to my regular standard again. Haha! Well, enough with the blabla-ing again. Off to the photos!

Snow on the street | Snow in my backyard

Beautiful Caro on the covers of Red and Jazzism magazine! Aren't those two absolutely stunning covers?

Pieter chilling in my closet. I made him leave after I took the picture. It looked very cute, but I don't need cat hair on all my clothes, haha! | Pieter playing a beautiful cat statue

Playing the real deal Scrabble with the boyfriend. I could make SATC! Too bad it isn't a valid scrabble word... | Been working a lot on my new layout lately. It's going to be a total make-over. I really hope you are all going to like it!

Package arrived from Top Vintage. More about this later. I'm still waiting for the rest of my order. When I receive that, I will show you all of it! | Finished reading and drooling over this book. It's actually the first book I read in years. Must admit more than half of it was pictures though! I'm just not that much of a reader.

I hope you liked seeing my Instagram photos again!




  1. Leuke foto's!
    Ben benieuwd naar je pakketje :)



  2. Dat Jazzism blad kan alleen maar heel gaaf zijn. Wat grappig dat je kat in je kast zat te doezelen haha. :) Liefs

  3. Superleuk! Ik heb dit weekend ook nog scrabble gespeeld met een vriend.

  4. Leuk! Scrabble is echt een leuk spel, ik kan het alleen totaaal niet haha. En wat heb je een lieve kat!

  5. Leuke foto's! Je kat is echt een schat.

  6. Your cat is so cute hahah Lovely pics!

  7. Leuke foto's! Wat kan je kat mooi poseren op je kast haha :)

  8. Dank je wel voor de felicitaties! Echt super lief van je :) Als je weer is look of the month kan worden, die kans zit er dik in, want je kleed je leuk en je was al eerder genomineerd, ga ik sowieso op je stemmen!
    Leuke post ook. Ben benieuwd wat je gekocht hebt :)



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