Sunday, January 27, 2013

New In | Antwerp Shopping Spree

Hey hey!

So, this is actually my 200th blogpost! PAR-TAY TIME! I have something really fun for my followers coming up tomorrow. Keep posted!

Today I want to show you my buys from Antwerp. You can read more about that in yesterday's post about my outfit. There was some very good sale going on there, so I got myself a lot of new stuff for great prices! Below you will find shorts, pants, skirts, a top and a pair of earrings. Check it out if you like!

Both from Forever 21

Hmm, what are these lovely details part of?

Pants from Zara | Lace peplum top from New Yorker

Turquoise earrings (obviously from Forever 21)

Also both from Forever 21. I got an extra discount on the left one, because the zipper wouldn't open. I saw that the reason for this was two strings of stitching going right through the zipper. Removing them only cost me a minute and it now fits perfectly. Yay!

The skirt on the right in the previous picture also has a nice split going on
Both from Urban Outfitters. Paid only €12 for the green one and €25 for the faux leather one. Were both highly discounted! The right one is a huge wishlist check. I've been looking for a pair of (faux) leather shorts like these for a long time. I wanted it too be very high waisted, and this one is! Again: yay!

As you can see I bought a lot in Antwerp. And although all prices were very low, in total I still spend a lot of money. So hereby I'm putting myself up with a one month no buy, with items for my Royal Albert Hall outfit as an exception.

Keep posted for a really fun birthday give away tomorrow!




  1. Wauw, wat een leuke dingen heb je gekocht!

  2. Wat een gave dingen heb je gekocht! Ben benieuwd naar je outfit posts :) xx

  3. Wauw allemaal heel leuk!


  4. Echt onwijs leuke dingen heb je gekocht. Vooral de shorts.


  5. Leuke dingen! De lace peplum top is echt wauw :)

  6. ik zag jou in Antwerpen, haha! Ik was er die dag ook om te winkelen :)!

  7. Leuke spulletjes! Love, Marloes.


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