Thursday, January 24, 2013

New In | Vintage Evening Gloves

Hi hi!

Like I mentioned in yesterday's outfit post, I went to the 9 streets (neighborhood with lots of vintage shops) in Amsterdam last tuesday. The actual goal of this shopping spree was to get the perfect evening gloves and pillbox hat to go with my Royal Albert Hall dress. Remember I'm going to Caro Emerald's concert in the Royal Albert Hall in London in March? Click here, here and here to see posts about this subject if you want to know the entire story!

Back to the goal. I didn't succeed. I did buy two pairs of evening gloves which I both love very much, but they're just not what I had in mind for my Royal Albert Hall dress. I do actually already have outfits in mind with both pairs of gloves which both partially exist of items I do not yet own. So when another special occasion comes along I will be doing some oriented shopping again, haha!

So here are the gloves! I paid €10 in total for them at Episode.

For more detailed 'on hand' pictures, look below!

Have a great day!




  1. Wat een leuke handschoentjes!

  2. gaaf, past ook echt bij jou
    je hebt zon eigen stijl!

    New outfit post : London boy

    1. Ah, super bedankt! Echt een mooi compliment zeg! XX

  3. Heel erg mooi!
    Ik heb toevallig dat eerste paar in het rood [of tenminste iets wat er op lijkt], ooit van mijn oma gekregen met nog een lading handschoenen.

  4. Wauw, heel erg mooi! Ik vind dat dit ook echt bij je past :-)

    xoxo The Daily Fashion Drug

  5. Wat leuk! Past goed bij je.
    Hadden ze nog meer leuks bij Episode?
    Ik ben van plan om binnenkort te gaan namelijk.


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