Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Outfit | Blue On A Budget

Hi my lovely readers!

Yesterday I went ice skating with my boyfriend. It has been snowing here, so it felt really appropriate to go ice skating, although we arranged the ice skating date before we knew about the snow at all. Haha! We had a lot of fun. My boyfriend didn't go ice skating for about 5 years. My last time was about a month ago and still he was way faster than me. Haha, I guess I'm just not made for sports. I literally suck at all sports, but some of them are still fun to do sometimes! Like ice skating!

Here's what I was wearing. It's really a budget outfit. The most expensive part are the boots, which only cost €20. Because I'm pretty proud of the budget aspect of this outfit, I'm stating the prices in the I'm wearing list this time! Because of the cold I'm also wearing thermo leggings. The boots were of course replaced by ice skates at some point!

I'm wearing

Basic shirt - H&M €9,95
Blouse - Vintage €2,50 (I Love Vintage)
Skirt - Primark €3
Jewellery - Primark €8,50
Thermo leggings - Action €3
Boots - Local shop €20

Total price of my outfit: €46,95 of which I only paid €23,95 myself, because I got the boots and leggings from my mom! Awesome right?

XX Sonja

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  1. super leuk!

  2. Wat een leuke combinatie heb je toch weer gemaakt he! De sieraden passen er ook perfect bij (:

  3. Superleuk! Ik vind de combi van je rokje en blazer heel mooi :)


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