Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Outfit | Snowy Shopping

Hi dears!

First of all, before showing you any outfit pics, I would like to show you something that totally made my day very early this morning. The past week, Caro Emerald has been in LA promoting her album and yesterday she posted a photo on Facebook saying "Meeting nice people in LA!" with Snoop Dog on it. On my phone it looked very real, but later on my computer I saw quite clearly that it was a huge cardboard. Nevertheless, two Dutch celebrity/royalty shows didn't see that it was a fake and made a news item saying:"Caro Emerald meets Snoop Dog"

As a reaction to this both of Caro's producers posted the link to this news item on Facebook with comments like:"Hahahaha! Have a closer look, dear intern with typing diploma." After this both shows added an extra section to their posts saying it was a joke by team Emerald.

Hahahaha! Really totally made my day!

For the Dutchies: bericht van RTL Boulevard hier & van Shownieuws hier.

Now for the outift. Yesterday, I went shopping in the vintage district of Amsterdam (9 straatjes). Like I thought, it was very slippery over there, so I wore my rubber ankle boots again. I went for a very basic, warm and comfy outfit and I was very happy that I did! Excuse me for some of the poses, but it was very cold so I didn't feel like doing too long of an outfit shooting session.

I'm wearing

Sweater - H&M
Skirt - H&M
Tights - Primark
Rubber boots - eBay

Much ove,



  1. Mooie trui en schattige laarsjes!

  2. Haha, en een post op jouw blog was ook een van de redenen om zo gauw mogelijk iets op eBay te willen kopen. Jij had toen van die mooie kettingen geplaatst.

  3. Hah, die schoentjes zijn echt lief!

  4. Ik vind je laarsjes echt zo leuk!

  5. Leuke outfit. Toffe panty :)

    Oh, trouwens, vanaf vandaan verschijnt er een leuke reeks give aways op mijn blog. Kom maar eens langs als je geïnteresseerd bent ;)

  6. Die witte wollen trui, wauw, ik ben verkocht! <3

  7. Haha ik moest ook even twee keer kijken! Leuke schoentjes heb je aan X


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