Wednesday, January 2, 2013

To Do | January

Hi dears!

As I mentioned yesterday I have the entire month januari off. At my university the month january contains a short block of 4 weeks in which you follow one course and immediately after that make the exam. All the other blocks contain 3 courses per block. In my particular study program, I need to do an elective in the month january. Instead of doing this, I decided to do my elective in the previous block, which made me end up doing 4 exams instead of 3 and thereby ensured a free four weeks! Weehoo! Now I'm just waiting to hear if I passed all those exams so I won't need to study for any resits. But let's hope for the best!

Of course, I'm not just going to rest my lazy ass on the couch all month and watch movies. Which I will definitely be doing as well, but it would be a waste to not do anything else. That's why I made myself a to do list for january! I hope to be able to do a lot of these things this month and of course I will keep you updated on that!

  1. Make a kick-ass new layout for my blog
  2. Add more pages and interesting features to my blog
  3. Do some fun nail-arts and make tutorials of it
  4. Find out how to get myself into events which are interesting for my blog (fashion mostly)

  1. Attach eBay collar tips to some blouses
  2. Sew a rockabilly dress out of some plain fabric as a test for #3
  3. Sew a rockabilly dress out of Elvis Presley fabric
  4. Sew a partly see-through skirt I made up in my head
  5. Find the perfect items to finish my Royal Albert Hall outfit
  6. Go shopping at Primark
  7. Go shopping at Action
  8. Buy new bra's. Because I have one of those non-average sizes, I have a really hard time finding ones that fit right.
  9. Buy perfect pants and jeans in different colours. Also a very hard task in my case, because my waist and length don't match any existing jeans size.
  1. Meet up with Marlies, a very good friend who lives in Belgium
  2. Celebrate the 18th birthday of the friendship with my best friend Nina
  3. Get up ridiculously early on the 12th of january to wave my best friend goodbye at the airport when she's leaving to study in Edinburgh for 6 months. How am I to survive?!
  4. Make time for my boyfriend whenever he has time for me, as he does have to study this month.
  5. Just have fun with friends!
  6. Cook for friends and family
  1. Hang my Elvis poster on my bed room wall. Honestly, you need fishing line to attach the frame to a pushpin in the wall.
  2. Tidy up my vinyl record collection and make sure every record has a proper inner and outer sleeve
  3. Further specify my thesis subject and contact professors about it
I hope you liked reading about my ideas for this month. I will keep you updated! Love, Sonja Follow me Google Friend Connect | Bloglovin | Lookbook


  1. Leuk zo'n post! Ik hoop dat je alles gaat lukken deze maand, en succes met het missen van je bf! happy new year xo

  2. Wat een lijst! Hoop dat alles gaat lukken!

  3. Ben benieuwd naar de 'Elvis Presley' jurk! :)

  4. Wat een grote lijst! Leuk artikel :)


  5. Jij bent de hele maand vrij en ik moet zelfs nog leren in de kerstvakantie.
    Ik vind het niet eerlijk. :P

  6. Heerlijk zeg zo'n vrije maand. Ik werk me rot in de kerstvakantie voor een opdracht voor school, vreselijk.
    In ieder geval nog gelukkig nieuw jaar!


    1. Wat zonde van je vakantie, zeg! Jij ook gelukkig nieuwjaar! :) XX

  7. First of all, lucky you!! Geniet van je vrije maand!!! Haha dit is een te leuke post!:D Je vroeg mij naar de events! Heb je een mailadres?;)

    Liefs, Farah


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