Saturday, February 9, 2013

Swatch | Burgundy Velvet Nails

Hi dears!

Last monday I first tried my burgundy velvet flocking powder from eBay. I bought it for only €1,20 including shipping. You can for example find it here, but you should also be able to find it when searching for flocking powder on eBay. Today I will briefly tell you how it works, show you what it looked like on my nails and tell you what I think of this product.

First, the result!

It looked a little bit more dark/burgundy like in real. It looks lighter on the photos, because I had to use a lamp in order to get proper pictures. But it looks very good, right?

And here's how it works!

You work per nail, because you have to throw the powder on before your nail polish dries. So, per nail you apply a (not too thin) layer of nail polish. Most preferably a colour similar to the colour of the powder. Then you throw some of the powder on your nail. Gently press on your nail in order to get the powder secured onto the polish. Continue to the next nail. When you're done with your first hand, wait until it's dry and blow away the remaining powder. Then do the same for your other hand.

What do I think of this product?

I think it looks very pretty when you're done and removed all the left over powder. The downside of this product is that you have to be very careful with your nails, even when it's already dry. I wasn't that careful and ruined most of my nails within 24 hours. Also, washing hands and taking a shower don't exactly contribute to the look of your nails. Plus, you can probably use the powder about 3 to 5 times before the jar is empty. I'd say, it's perfect for special occasions. Just apply it on the day of the occasion and have fun with it, but don't expect it to last too long!

What do you think of velvet nails? Have you ever tried it or will you?




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