Wednesday, March 13, 2013


OMG people, really... this was one of the most amazing experiences in my life! I will never forgot this. Last monday night I was in the Royal Albert Hall in London to attend Caro Emerald's concert. For those who don't know, the Royal Albert Hall is one of the most famous and prestigious venues in the world and it's a huge honour for every artist to play there. And I got to see our Dutch pride Caro's dream come true from the very front row. Caro is my favorite artist in the world and I'm really proud to be one of her biggest fans. It was also very amazing to see how a foreign public reacts to Caro's performance. They were all very enthusiastic and happy to see Caro live. Just like they should of course!

I actually even got a bit emotional on the plane home just thinking of how big and amazing this all is and realizing the really great experience was now officially over. I've had this one time before and that was when I was about 9 and going home from my first visit to Disneyland. Also pretty much describes how it felt. Like I was a kid on its first time in Disneyland. I will cherish the memories forever!

Now, my outfit and some Caro Emerald / Royal Albert Hall photo spam! MUHA!

I'm wearing

Dress - Bettie Page Clothing (via I Love Vintage)
Shoes - Pinup Couture (via Top Vintage)
Hat - Vintage (via 1953 Retro & Chique)
Gloves - Vintage (via Elaine's Vintage in Edinburgh)
Purse - Vintage (via Laura Dols)
Necklace - Bijou Brigitte
Earrings - Small shop in Haarlem

Hair by Claire Hair in London, Walthamstow.

And here are two pics with my friend Marlies who's wearing one of my fascinators and also had her hair done by Claire!

Some pictures of the show! I borrowed my boyfriend's camera. Makes much better pictures than mine! Jan Boelo (Dutch designer) even asked me if he could use one for his Facebook/Twitter, because he had created Caro's first outfit! To which I of course said yes.

Me and Wieger (Caro's guitarist). He has an awesome style by the way. He's wearing an almost ankle long burgundy/purple vintage coat here.

Bye bye Royal Albert Hall. Bye bye Caro. Bye Grandmono. Bye bye awesome memories.

Sorry, had to do this pose. Hahaha!

I hope you liked seeing all these pictures! I just tend to spam you with photos when I'm excited about something, haha!




  1. Je ziet er echt WAUW uit!!!! Super mooie outfit en je haar ziet er ook prachtig uit!
    Leuk om te lezen dat je het naar je zin hebt gehad! De foto's zijn fantastisch!


  2. Je ziet er echt geweldig uit! Erg leuke foto's. x

  3. Gave foto's Sonja! :)
    Ik hoor nog wel meer. :)

  4. Wow, absolutely stunning! ö ö

  5. Wat gaaf! Je ziet er prachtig uit :)

  6. Oh wauw, wat een gave foto's! Je zag er super uit!

  7. Wauw wat zag je er prachtig uit!

  8. Wat zag jij er toch fantastisch mooi uit meis!!! Echt mijn grote complimenten! je bent prachtig!

  9. Thanks for all the sweet comments ladies!


  10. Wat zien jullie er prachtig uit. Helemaal in Caro style.

  11. Wauw wat zie je er prachtig uit!

  12. Je ziet er geweldig uit, en je haar is heel mooi gedaan. :) Supercool dat je daar haar optreden hebt gezien!

  13. Waaw! Je zag er stralend uit. Helemaal af met dat hoedje ook. Go girl!

  14. Looked like an amazing night. Am jealous :P


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