Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jan Boelo Fall/Winter 2013/2014

Hi there lovelies!

This monday I went to my very first fashion show, thanks to Chloë Sterk of the blog Fashionista Chloë! I won her give away and therefore I got to go to the Jan Boelo fall/winter 2013/2014 show together with my sister. The show itself was amazing. There were a lot of tailcoats involved in the collection, which really is my cup of tea. I own a limited edition tailcoat by H&M from a few years ago and I still love to wear it to special occasions. I, just like Jan Boelo apparently, think they’re awesome for women as well. His collection was inspired by the movie ‘La Femme Nikita’ from 1990. The story is about a woman who’s an undercover agent. Jan Boelo translates this into a woman who effortlessly changes her clothing style. From rock to chique.

In this post I will show you some of my favorite items and outfits from the collection and I will make a seperate post for my outfit later!

Just to avoid any misunderstandings I will state under every photo whether it was taken by me or Sharon of Style Chameleon, because most of my photos turned out horrible. Need to get a better camera ánd more experience photographing fashion shows, haha!

Photo by me

I really loved this white tail coat with black details. Totally up my street!

Photo by Sharon of Style Chameleon

Woohoo, another tail coat! Plus, I love the fabric of the top!

Photos by Sharon of Style Chameleon

I loved the long front of the denim shirt on the left and the male coat on the right.

Photo by Sharon of Style Chameleon

Photo by me

I really adore this dress! I really love the leather look dresses with huge trains that Jan Boelo makes.

Photo by me

Photo by Sharon of Style Chameleon

I loved this leather coat featured in the last two photos. I really like the high neck and the fringes on the back.

So my first fashion show was a very inspiring one! And the fact that it was a Jan Boelo show is even better. Ever since I saw his earlier work I've been hoping to see one of his shows in real live one day and now it happened! I'm really happy I got the opportunity to go there thanks to Chloë! Thanks a bunch! I hope there will be a lot more to follow!




  1. Sonja! Het is te lang geleden dat ik op je blog ben geweest.
    Echt super leuk die fashionshow, het klinkt echt als een super ervaring en wat een mooie foto's
    Ik vind vooral die leren jas op de voorlaatste foto schitterend!

  2. ziet eruit als een leuke show, super dat je erheen kon :)


  3. Super leuke post geworden en goed om te horen dat je het leuk vond! XX


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