Thursday, March 7, 2013


Padadadumm, here it is! My very first self made dress! I've been talking about it in posts for a while and now it's finished! I'm pretty proud of the result actually. I mean, it's the first ever dress that I made on the sewing machine and it turned out just great. I even got the invisible zipper just like it should be. Yay! When I heard about Caro Emerald doing a try-out show in my hometown, I decided this would be the best first occasion to wear it to.

The concert was amazing like always. As you probably all know I'm a huge fan of Caro, so it's no surprise that I love her voice, but everytime I see her live, she amazes me. The boyfriend, my mom and me had spots at the very front of the stage and I danced my feet off on my foot-friendly heels (really, they DO exist!) She and her band performed 8 new songs and I loved every single one of them. I can't wait for the new album!

Turns out the boyfriend is a very good photographer. Makes me smile genuinely with his lovely face I guess. Some of them were blown though by him saying things like:"You are... a lion!" and me laughing like a maniac.

Outfit Vintage Self Made Dress 50s Fifties Fashion

Outfit Sonja Fashion Vintage Perforated Gloves Flower Purse

I'm wearing

Dress - Self made
Belt - H&M
Bag - Vintage
Gloves - Vintage
Shoes - Van Haren

At one point in the show Caro had 3 copies of her Tangled Up to give away and she asked who would like one. A lot of people raised there hands of course and I decided to be humble and not ask for one as she has given me a lot of great stuff already. Including a tin poster with a personal message on it! But that's beside the point. She gives away the first two and then says: "And this one I will give to the lady over there of whom I know the name.", writes "To Sonja XXX Caro" on it, signs it and gives it to me. Didn't see that one coming! Gotta love Caro!

And some pictures of the show! Just before I started taking pictures, Caro was wearing an awesome fedora hat and tailcoat over the first outfit. Too bad I didn't catch that on photo!

On saturday I will leave to London for a nice fun weekend with a very good friend and fellow fan of Caro and on monday we will go to Caro's concert in the famous Royal Albert Hall. We're gonna be all pimped up!




  1. Leuke jurk en foto's! Echt knap gedaan van je jurk. En Caro Emerald is geweldig. x

  2. Soooooooo so cute ! :D
    Love your blog

    >> <<
    check out / comment / follow / i love you if you do, mkay.

  3. Wat een prachtige jurk, ontzettend knap dat je hem helemaal zelf hebt gemaakt! Ik ben echt verliefd op deze outfit!

  4. Super mooi gedaan lady! You look dashing! X

  5. Ik heb de jurk dinsdag niet meer kunnen zien. Hij is mooi geworden Sonja! :)
    Mam had dat verhaal met die singel al aan mij verteld ook, leuk!

  6. Waauw, wat leuk allemaal! Alvast veel plezier gewenst in Londen. Die jurk staat je prachtig, knap gemaakt!!

  7. Waaaaauuuwww je jurk is prachtig geworden!!!! Echt suuuperleuk! Maak je ze ook op aanvraag, misschien?
    Wat gaaf dat Caro dat zei en je de cd gaf, zeg! Kan me voorstellen dat je je eventjes errrg speciaal voelde. Zou ik wel hebben gedaan namelijk :)

    Veel plezier in Londen!


  8. Hah, super grappig: mijn mam heeft je gezien bij Caro's try out show! (oke; pas nadat ik gevraagd had of ze je gezien had) Ze herkende je doordat ze je jurk zo mooi vond!


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