Thursday, April 4, 2013

Instagrammies of March

Hey hey!

Because I tend to be all over Instagram (@RedSonjaFashion) in some weeks and at other times I don't post anything for a week, I decided to only do an Instagram diary post every month. It's just that sometimes my weeks are more interesting than in say, studyweeks. I think you all know what I mean. Plus, my blog is mainly about fashion and I don't want to bore you with Instagram shots every week, haha! Off we go...


1] Came across this picture of Caro Emerald. Absolutely love it. She looks so stunning! And I just want to steal her little case!
2] I showed you this Louis Vuitton SS13 collection a few months ago. I found this advert on the back of the Dutch Vogue and I still love the pieces!
3] Flying to London!
4] Picked up our tickets for the Caro Emerald show at the Royal Albert Hall
5] Getting our hair done by Claire Hair.
6] Received these lovely rosé gold bracelets from Oh So HIP!

Hope you liked it!




  1. Volgens mij kreeg je een heel mooi kapsel!

  2. Lovely post!!

    Hope you have a great day!
    Kelly is currently in Paris!

  3. Leuke foto's!
    Ik vind je armbandjes echt tof!

    XO The Daily Fashion Drug

  4. Erg leuke foto's, de LV campagnes zijn echt super mooi!

  5. Leuke foto's. Zo te zien had je een hele leuke maand!


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