Monday, April 8, 2013

New In | London Buys

Hey hey!

My London trip was almost a month ago, but I still didn't show you my buys! Which doesn't mean I didn't buy anything. My fashion loving heart of course couldn't leave London without some good shopping! The reason that I didn't show you my buys before is that I stayed over at my boyfriends house a lot lately and I would have some of my buys at his place and some at mine, so I never had all my buys together to make photos. Until now! I didn't buy a lot of stuff in London, but I'm really happy with everything I did buy! Here it is!

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For more detailed pictures, descriptions, stories and where I bought it, look below!

Beatles top - Camden market | Belt - Vintage (Beyond Retro)

I wore this top already a few times and I'm noticing that about 50% of the people recognize what the application depicts by themselves and 50% needs some encouragement from me and then sees. It's cartooned versions of The Beatles! I found this top on the internet some time ago and loved it, so when I found out they had this shape of top on Camden market with all kinds of applications I started browsing for this one. And found it! I even bargained a lower price! It's just too obvious that the prices on this market are too high. It's full of tourists and they just try to get the most out of it, haha! So it's also the only thing I bought on that market.

The belt I bought at Beyond Retro, among with another item you will see in the photo below! Beyond Retro was on top of my vintage shops to visit list, so I went there straight away on the first day while my friend was going crazy in Primark. Haha! Ok honestly, she didn't buy anything at Primark, an historical moment. Oh well, I stumbled upon a lot of wonderful vintage clothes and also tried on a lot, but everything just didn't fit me right. Too bad! But I do love this belt a lot. The shade of green is just perfect and I also love the combination with gold!

Turban | Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro also sold these amazing turban hats in different colours. Decided to get it in red after long contemplation. After I bought it I found it in a lot of other shops, but all for higher prices. Hooray for Beyond Retro! And guess what? When I talked to Caro Emerald at the Jan Boelo show a week later, we found out we bought the exact same one both at Beyond Retro! Crazy huh?! Can't wait to see her wearing it. I'm sure it will look fab on her!

Abbey Road magnet + tin posters - Unknown, but not easy to miss shop on Portobello Road
Beatles Abbey Road poster (still rolled up) - The Beatles Shop

On the last day when we were actually feeling quite gutted, as we went to Portobello Road especially for the vintage market and found out it's only there on the weekends, we bumped into this awesome shop selling vintage looking tin posters. We spend all of our remaining time and pounds there. I'm planning to hang these on the wall next to my signed Caro Emerald tin poster and make a little collage out of it! The Abbey Road magnet will be on the fridge!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my buys and reading my little stories about the buys!




  1. Oh, wat een geweldige riem! En de muurplaten zijn natuurlijk superleuk (<3 The Beatles!). :)

  2. Die muurplaatjes zijn echt geweldig (vooral "drink coffee. Do stupid things faster with more engery" haha)

  3. Wat een leuke aankoopjes zeg! Ik vind je riem en muurplaatjes heel tof :-)

    xo The Daily Fashion Drug

  4. Haha!

    Die plaat over koffie is grappig :p

  5. Such lovely finds! I especially love the red turban :)

    Lots of love,

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