Thursday, May 23, 2013

DIY | Peep Toe Tights | Teenloze Panty

Hi everyone!

Today I've got a very handy DIY for all fashion lovers who want to wear their peep toe shoes more often, but feel like it's just a little bit too chilly to go bare legged sometimes. This one's for you!

As you might know, I went to London last March to see my Dutch pride Caro Emerald perform on the world famous stage of the Royal Albert Hall. For this day I had prepared an outfit months in advance. An outfit featuring a knee-length dress and peep toe pumps. I had been checking the London weather forecasts from two weeks in advance and happily concluded that I would be able to go bare legged as it would be 18 degrees and it would only be a 5 minute walk from my hotel to the hall. But only days before I flew to London the weather decided to turn around on me and a mere 5 degrees were forecasted. Argh! Code red! Now what?

I needed nude peep toe tights, but the only ones I could find had way too much of the toes cut off, such that you could see the edges of the tights while wearing your shoes. Who needs those, really? Anyway, those were far from perfect so I had to take measures, and quick! I asked my sister if she had any ideas. And she had! She said:"Make your own ones from a pair of your own tights." So I did.

And since I'm so very happy about the result I'm sharing this DIY with you!

What do you need?

- Tights (Please, start a some cheaper pair. If it works, you can try it on your more expensive pairs as well.)
- A marker
- Scissors
- Transparent nail polish

How to do it

Before you start, decide for which shoes you want the peep toe tights to work. I did it for peep toe pumps that show 3 toes, but they will now also work for my peep toe shoes that show only 2.

1) Put your tights and shoes on.
2) Grab your marker and draw a line on the tights just a view milimeters from where your shoe stops. The opening will get a bit bigger when you put it on again. And you could always make it bigger later of course!
3) Take off your shoe and put transparant nail polish on the line where you want to cut. Make sure you use enough nail polish. I'd rather use a bit more nail polish than have laddering tights. You can do this while you still have your tights on or you can put your tights over a glass or something like that. The easiest way is to just keep it on your foot. The only disadvantage is that the tights get stuck to your foot and you need to gently pull it off later, which feels like slowly ripping off a plaster. Whichever you prefer!
4) Wait until the nail polish starts to get dry. Don't let it dry completely, as this will make it harder to remove the tights from whichever you have put it on.
5) Gently remove the tights from whichever you have put it on. Then let it dry completely.
6) Most tights have a little seem near the toes. Mine had. Use your scissors to cut the line on the front. On the side where you don't have a line, you cut such that the seem is still there. This will prevent the tights from laddering. If your tights don't have a seam, just use some extra nail polish.
7) If you can still see your tights in your peeptoes, you can remove a little bit more from the upper side of the tights and do the same thing all over again.

That's it! You can now go out in March wearing the below outfit!

The funny thing is. A Dutch man walked passed me and said right in my face (in Dutch):"She should be freezing..." and I went:"No, not at all." His face spoke louder than a thousand words.

TIP! If you think one pair of tights will still be too cold, you can do this same thing for two pairs and wear them both at the same time. I do this a lot and it works perfectly for me!

Of course you can still get cold toes, but you're either a die-hard or you're not, right?!




  1. Wat een superleuke DIY en HOE BEDENK JE DIT! Dit ga ik zeker een keer doen, ik heb alleen maar open sleehakken dus daar kan ik ze niet echt in dragen.

  2. Hmm, ik ben zelf niet gek op huidskleur panty's, maar dit is wel een goede tip!

    Xx Alex

  3. Grappig! Vind het zelf nooit zo erg om een stukje panty te zien, ben echt te nonchalant hahahaha... Maar zeker een goede tip!

  4. Wo, dit is echt handig om te weten!

  5. Handig! Superleuke blog!

    Liefs, Jennifer

    New post: Recept van de week; Quinoa salade met kip en mango!

  6. Ook niet dol op huidkleurige panty's, maar een goede tip is het wel...

    X Marjolein - Never Too

  7. Ik heb echt een hekel aan huidskleurige panty's! :p

    Voor mij is het blote benen of geen blote benen.


  8. Ontzettend handig! Ik ben zelf niet zo'n fan van huidskleurige panty's, maar 't is wel een hele fijne tip :-)

    xo Anouk

  9. Thanks voor de reacties allemaal!

    @InvisibleCreations Haha, dankjewel! Mijn zusje heeft me op het idee gebracht! :)

    Grappig dat best wel een aantal van jullie niet van huidskleurige panties houden. Ik vind ze zelf echt superhandig. Vinden jullie ze niet mooi, omdat ze niet goed aansluiten bij je huidskleur o.i.d.? Ik ben zelf in ieder geval ook niet zo'n fan van de glimmende of te bruine panties. Ik draag niet super vaak huidskleurige panties, maar als ik ze draag, draag ik altijd eentje waarvan je echt niet ziet dat ik 'm aan heb.

    En het kan natuurlijk ook met andere panties, mocht je dat willen! :)


  10. Amazing Idea! Great Post <3

    kisses :)

  11. Very very interesting blog. I read this blog. Thank you for making this blog...

  12. Fabulous inderdaad! Ik heb er hele handige van een begisch merk Cette, die hebben twee lusjes, eentje voor de dikke teen en eentje voor je klein teentje. Zo blijft mijn toeless panty altijd mooi zitten. fyi onlangs gekocht op moet je eens kijken bij toeless of teenloze panty of zo...

  13. very interesting bog!!!thanks for sharing!!!


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