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Outfit & Album Review | Caro 007

Caro Emerald Shocking Miss EmeraldHey hey there!

Today is the day that Caro Emerald's new album came out! It's called The Shocking Miss Emerald! I actually alread listened to it a few times, because radio 2 streamed the album before it was released. I had heard most of the tracks live already in Haarlem and at the Royal Albert Hall and even had the privilege to hear one song Paris at the opening of a fifties fashion exhibition, before they even finished the album. But some of them were still new to me!

This post will be a combined outfit post and album review. I've been excited for about a week now, so last weekend when I went to the park I decided to wear my Caro Emerald t-shirt which she gave me on my meet & greet in december 2011. Combined with my gun necklace worn as a bracelet and my Vlieger & Vandam Guardian Angel bag, this makes a very appropriate outfit to post today, as you will understand when you read the review. Caro 007!

Fashion Outfit Blogger Caro Emerald Flower Pants Red Pumps

The album is inspired on the art, entertainment and fashion scene in Europe from the 20s to the 60s. And more specifically on the French capital, Paris. You can feel, hear and imagine this while listening to the album.

The intro of the album is instrumental and grand and immediately gets you in the cinematic mood Caro and her team are so good at to create. Then follows One Day, a happy and laid back type of song perfect for a summery chill in the park. Following a song in which she sings:"You see I got a plan. I'm coming back... as a man." which has a sense of humour over it.

Then the first single of the album, Tangled Up starts, which I can already sing along to from the front to the middle to the back to the end. I really love the tango vibe of that song finished with some awesome scratches. Very catchy! I also love the bridge part where she sings:"Treating girls lik a yo yo is a no no of a monumental kind"

Completely is a song about how a certain person came along and changed her life completely in a positive way. It's very sweet and I just adore the horns in this song. Horns are probably my favourite instruments. I just love the sound of all different horns. In this song they add a little extra happiness and I just can't help but dance with my shoulders behind my computer while listening to it.

Fashion Outfit Blog Blogger Caro Emerald Flower Pants

Caro's voice together with the amazing instrumentals make Black Valentine grand, dramatic and cinematic to the max. That's the best way to describe it. I heard it live twice and luckily someone recorded that on youtube. I listened to the live version a lot before the album came out. I can sing along to this one already as well. A favorite!

Pack Up The Louie is an up tempo song about a Louis Vuitton bag she needs to pack to go everywhere around the world. This one is definitely one of my favorites! "I love my Louie when I go away!" I Belong To You, yet another grand song which as Caro says is an open application for the new James Bond theme. I can completely relate to this idea. The drama and cinematic feel would absolutely fit a James Bond movie. Also a favorite. Caro 007!

The Maestro is a song about Karl Lagerfeld which is again one on which I just need to move. It also has very nice short instrumental interludes. Then comes Liquid Lunch, which is very up tempo and dancable and is about a hang over, but of course in the ever glamourous Emerald way. She played this one in a radio show a week before the Royal Albert Hall concert and by the time I was at the concert I could sing along to it from start to finish. "That second last martini, the one that went down real smooth, set me on a bender with nothing left to lose."

Fashion Outfit Post Blogger Caro Emerald

Excuse My French brings a very French vibe, like what I get when I walk into my vintage walhalla of 1953 Retro & Chic in Amsterdam. But of course it also has that modern type beat under it, which makes the Caro Emerald sound. Also a favorite!

Paris, pure perfection you are! Heard this one as the lucky few to hear it first at the Fifties Fashion exposition opening a few months ago. It's about 40s and 50s Parisian fashion designer Madame Grès who was a very big name, but one day when she died noone found out until months later. This dramatic story was turned into an amazing song by team Emerald. Very cinematic as well!

My 2 Cents has a more modern type vibe, but also fits Caro and her voice very well and also has a very nice and catchy melody. The Wonderful In You is a more slower type of song. I love how it subtly builds up to a bit more tempo, but stays slower completely serving the overall feeling of the song.

Fashion Outfit Blogger Vlieger & Vandam Guardian Angel Gun Necklace

Then as a hidden track we get Tell Me How Long, which is a bit more up tempo and has a happy feel about it. "Tell me how long until you say you love me? Tell me how long until you say you're mine?" about a man who's not exaclty hers as it seems, but considering the melody of the song she's very positive of her chances. Also very suitable for a sunny day in the park!

Caro's voice can be anything. It can be sweet, dramatic, dark and lovely. I love every different angle of it. All the songs are amazing and I can't wait to hear them all live on my 10th Caro performance the 29th of june! I congratulate Caro and all of her team for this wonderful follow up for Deleted Scenes. I'm proud to be a fan! I will be playing it all summer, and fall, and winter, and...

The Shocking Miss Emerald, get it now!




  1. Supervette tas, en je schoenen zijn ook echt leuk! x

  2. Nice!
    Would u like to follow each other?

  3. So nice!
    Would u like to follow each other?

  4. Die tas is echt zooo tof! Wil hem zelf ook nog wel eens hebben :)

    xoxo Iris

  5. leuk! ik vind je tas echt tof! //

  6. ik wil het album maar al te graag hebben! toffe outfit!

  7. Great look ;)
    I like this shirt!

  8. Die tas is echt geweeeldig! Super ben echt jaloers!! Leuke outfit trouwens!


  9. Gave outfit en je tas is echt super!!


  10. Ik ben ook zo blij met het nieuwe album! :) Je rode tas is echt geweldig. xx

  11. Haha, ik zeg rode, ik was in de war met je vorige bericht. Ze zijn natuurlijk beiden supertof. :)

  12. Mooie outfit en prachtige haarkleur!!! ♥


  13. Thanks voor de leuke reacties! Ik ben inderdaad ook heel blij met m'n tas ;)

    @A Dash of Fash Ik zou 'm zeker een keer aanschaffen als ik jou was! Hij is het geld echt dubbel en dwars waard en hij zou ook echt super goed bij jou passen!

    @lovedreamslivedreams Het album is echt een aanrader! Zeker kopen! :)

    @Oumaya Haha, ik zou zeker gaan sparen hoor! Heb ik ook gedaan ;)

    @Rowan Haha, maakt niet uit :) Thanks! En leuk dat je het album ook hebt!

    @Eline Dankjewel! :)


  14. You look really great! Love your pants :)

  15. I can't decide which one of her albums I like better so I won't :P they are both spectacular


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