Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Outfit + Diary + Tips | Paris Day 2 - Versailles & a Boat Trip

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Hi dears!

On the second day in Paris, me and Timo went to Chateau Versailles, the huge palace and gardens that Louis XIV got built for him and his wife Marie Entoinette. I always wanted to go to Versailles, but it's outside of Paris so it takes you a whole day and the people I went with were never really interested in it. But now that I went there, I can tell you it's really worth it! Walking there just makes you feel like being in a different era. Like you could just run into a couple of ladies wearing huge dresses with extremely tight corsets and dressed up men on horses.

The weather was very gray and windy on that day, so I wore a very basic and comfortable outfit. At night we had a boat trip on the Seine river. This is the one thing you should do when you're in Paris if you ask me! Off to the photos and the tips!

1) Go to Versailles! Don't go too late and do not be alarmed by the huge queue for the palace. Go into the gardens first. It will be very quiet here and when you're done here and go to the palace, the queue will be gone!

2) Get lost in the 'Gardens' of Versailles. They're called Gardens, but well... they're huge! There's no end to it, it seems...

3) Don't miss the hall of mirrors! Some history making agreements were signed here.

4) Have a boat trip on the Seine BY NIGHT! This is the most important tip of all! You see all of Paris' most gorgeous buildings enlightened beautifully. Including the Eiffel Tower! Don't miss it! Go to Pont Neuf and cross it until you're on the little island. Boats are leaving here until 10.30 pm. The trip takes an hour.

I hope you enjoyed my diary and tips of my second day in Paris! There will be one or two more to follow. Depends on how many good photos I have, haha!

For now, what I was wearing:

Blue lace top - New Yorker
Flower jeans - Roxxy Amsterdam
Shoes - H&M
Jacket - H&M




  1. Leuk om te zien & te lezen! Ik wil zo graag naar Parijs nu!

  2. Wow apart, maar wel heel erg mooi! Nu wil ik ook reizen!

  3. Ik ben nog niet in Versailles geweest. Overigens is Vaux le Vicomte net buiten Parijs ook een echte aanrader. Versailles is daarop geïnspireerd ;)

  4. Ik begin nu Parijs te missen. Leuk jasje heb je trouwens aan!

  5. Versailles ziet er echt prachtig uit <3 Ik wil er ook graag nog eens heen, maar volgende week als ik naar Parijs ga zal ik er geen tijd voor hebben. De boat trip zal ik onthouden, al vind ik het misschien een beetje awkward om dat alleen te doen haha.

  6. Leuke foto's! Ik ben ook in Parijs geweest!

  7. Gaaf, wel jammer van het weer. Ik wil er ook nog heel graag heen! Wel typisch van ouders dat ze toen met ons er niet heen wilden maar later wel met z'n twee├źn geweest zijn. :P

  8. Mooi!! Ik ben vorig jaar geweest maar niet in de tuinen omdat het regende, je extra moest betalen en we niet meer zoveel tijd hadden. Maar als ik nu deze foto's zie heb ik spijt :(

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  10. great post! I am going to the palace and these are awesome inspiration! SO beautiful!

  11. Wauw supermooie foto's! Parijs is inderdaad erg erg erg mooi:)



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