Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Instagrammies of September & October

Hi sweets!

EN: Wow, I thought I was late posting my October Instagrammies, but it turns out I didn't even post my Instagrammies of September yet! How chaotic of me. Oh well, now it's sort of a nice flashback to better weather and my holiday. I mixed more recent photos with the older ones, because I thought that would be more fun. If you want to be updated on my daily activities, you can follow me @RedSonjaFashion. I hope you'll like seeing this very belated photo diary of September and October!

NL: Wouw, ik dacht dat ik laat was met het posten van mijn Instagram foto's van oktober, maar wat blijkt? Ik heb nog niet eens mijn Instagram foto's van september laten zien! Hoe chaotisch van mij! Nou ja, nu is het een soort flashback naar mooier weer en mijn vakantie geworden. Ik heb de wat recentere foto's gemixt met de oudere foto's, want dat leek me wat leuker. Als je vaker op de hoogte wilt worden gehouden van mijn dagelijkse bezigheden, kan je me volgen @RedSonjaFashion. Ik hoop dat jullie het toch nog leuk vinden om mijn 'beter laat dan nooit' diary van september en oktober te zien!

Instagram diary personal style fashion blogger zurich milan italy venice amsterdam
1] Me and the boyfriend cruising on the Zürich lake
2] Midnight chocolate fondue!
3] I went to my 11th (and meanwhile also to my 12th) Caro Emerald concert in Paradiso. She was amazing as always and she already had a cute little baby bump showing!
4] Gondola ride in Venice
5] This is what you see when you arrive in Venice by train and walk out of the train station, wow!
6] A sunny day in Amsterdam

More photos follow after the 'Read more' button!
Instagram diary personal style fashion blogger zurich milan italy venice amsterdam
1] Some of my holiday buys. Vintage shoes, print pashmina from Prague and yellow scarf from Zara
2] View from the train from Venice to Milan
3] I had a french fries pizza in Venice! The boyfriend liked it as well.
4] My hair got done by a professional hair stylist for my layout photoshoot
5] Using my Chocospoon from my Zalando Blogger Awards goodiebag
6] Relaxing in the huge lounge of our 'hostel' in Milan. If you look closely you can see the boyfriend sitting there 3 miles away, haha!
7] We found the cutest little cupcake bakery in Milan
8] My favorite shoes at the moment!
Instagram diary personal style fashion blogger zurich milan italy venice amsterdam
1] The view from the train from Milan to Zürich
2] I love the colours of fall!
3] A package from Sans-Online arrived
4] View over lake Zürich while on the cruise
5] Another view from the boat
6] I went to the press opening of the first Dutch Urban Outfitters store in Amsterdam
7] I didn't have a clue what that dinosaur had to do with my internet not working...
8] I got these yummy raspberries at the market for very little money.

EN: I hope you enjoyed my Instagram diary! Do you like my Instagram diaries and do you like to see them every month or would you like them to come online more or less often? Let me know!

NL: Ik hoop dat jullie mijn Instagram diary leuk vonden! Ik hoor graag of jullie het leuk vinden om deze te zien en lezen en of jullie het graag één keer per maand zien of bijvoorbeeld vaker of minder vaak. Laat maar weten!



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  1. ziet er allemaal erg leuk uit!
    kijk naar onze laatste posts!

  2. Wat een gave foto's! Leuk om te zien :)

    xo Liesbeth

  3. Superleuke foto's allemaal! Je bent zo mooi!

  4. Leuke foto's meid!!! :)


  5. Mmmm, chocolade fondue :)
    en die vintage schoenen zijn echt zo pretty!

    Liefs, Liese

  6. Leuk dit overzicht en die schoenen zijn leuk!!

  7. really nice pics
    nice blog dear!
    If you want, let's visit mine :)

  8. Leuk! Die holiday buys zien er erg mooi uit


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