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Highlights of 2013 | Outfits & Personal

Hi dears!

EN: I hope you all had an amazing new years eve! For me, it was the first new years eve in Amsterdam, as I only moved here last April. We had some friends over and enjoyed the fireworks our neighbors were firing. Yesterday, I had a relax day. The only thing I did was sleep until 12:30 and get over my hangover with the boyfriend by taking a walk outside and watching the end of the year comedy shows. Now, it's time for a recap of 2013! And 2013 was a great year! So much has happened in that one year. I was looking through my posts and there were truly highlights of which I had forgotten they happened in 2013. In this post, you will find all the outfits you voted as Outfit of the Month, my personal highlights of each month and the most viewed posts of 2013. I hope you'll like it!

NL: Ik hoop dat jullie allemaal een leuke oud en nieuw hebben gehad! Voor mij was het de eerste oud en nieuw in Amsterdam, aangezien ik in april pas hierheen verhuisd ben. Er kwamen wat vrienden langs en we genoten van het vuurwerk van de buren. Gisteren had ik een relaxdagje. Het enige dat ik gedaan heb is uitslapen tot half 1 en de oud en nieuw kater verwerken met mijn vriend door buiten te wandelen en de oudejaarsconferences en Top 2000 a gogo uitzendingen terug te kijken. En nu is het tijd voor een samenvatting van 2013! 2013 was écht een geweldig jaar! Er is zoveel gebeurd in één jaar. Ik keek door al mijn posts en er zijn gewoon hoogtepunten waarvan ik was vergeten dat die ook uit 2013 zijn. In deze post zie je alle outfits die door jullie gekozen zijn als Outfit of the Month, mijn persoonlijke hoogtepunten van elke maand en de meest bekeken posts van 2013. Ik hoop dat jullie het leuk vinden!


My favorite outfits I made with my self made dress. First is from August, the second from November.

In January I had a month off my studies, because I did an extra course the months before. In that month I did a lot of fun stuff with friends, made a new layout (which is now already replaced by yet a new one) and I made my first ever self made dress, a blue midi circle dress. At the end of January I turned 22 and I got my amazing vintage (even antique!) top hat from the boyfriend as a belated Christmas gift and for my birthday he invited me for a trip to Paris which was due for June.

Outfit of the Month - January: New Years Eve


Outfit of the Month - February: Black & White on an Airplane | High tea in Edinburgh with my best friend

In February I went to visit my best friend in Edinburgh, as she was studying there for 6 months. I had a lot of fun with her there. Edinburgh is a lovely city and I really recommend visiting if you want to go on a citytrip for a long weekend or such. In February I also spend my €250 (!!!) cheque I won for the TopVintage webshop. If you want to see what I got from that cheque you can check this post. Items from that cheque are also featured in some of the outfits in this post.


Outfit of the Month - March

Caro Emerald @ The Royal Albert Hall in London

March was the month of my favorite highlight of 2013; seeing the Caro Emerald concert in The Royal Albert Hall in London. If you were following my blog already in March, you might remember a huge post filled with photos of this. As you might know, I'm one of the biggest Caro Emerald fans, so seeing her perform in this very prestigious venue and seeing her dream come true from front row meant a lot to me. A night to remember!

Jan Boelo show outfit

But more happened in March! In March I went to my very first fashion show, the Jan Boelo fall/winter 2014 show. I've been following Jan Boelo's work ever since I found out he was the one designing some of my favorite outfits of Caro. The tailcoat, pants and blouse she's wearing in above pictures are also designed by him. So, I was very thrilled when I found out I had won tickets to see his show. Click here to see the post about that show. And whom did I run into at this show? Right, Caro! We chatted a bit about The Royal Albert Hall concert and the new Jan Boelo collection. She's such a sweet person!

And to top March off, I also went to a gala of our study association with my boyfriend.

Gala outfit


Outfit of the Month - April: I Amsterdam

In April I started my internship at Eudia, a hat designer. I'm writing my thesis for Actuarial Science, but my true passion lies in fashion, so I did this internship for my own interest and I'm hoping this will help me get a go in the world of fashion. In April, I moved to Amsterdam with my boyfriend. Also a very big highlight of 2013! And last, but not least, I received this amazing drawing from Rowan of one of my outfits.


Outfit of the Month - May: Rosé Shoes & Colourful Beads

In May Caro's new album The Shocking Miss Emerald came out. To celebrate this fact I wore my Caro Emerald t-shirt she gave to me at my meet & greet in December 2011 and my gun necklace and Vlieger & Vandam bag to add the Bond touch, as I think Caro would be perfect to sing the next Bond theme (like this page if you agree and help make her dream come true!) 


Outfit of the Month - June: 50s Hawaiian Summer

In June I went to Paris with the boyfriend. I love Paris. This was about my 6th time visiting Paris, but it just never gets old. We also were very lucky with the weather. Only 1 day it was grey, cold and wet, the rest of the days the weather was as perfect as it could have been! Other than Paris, June was a month that I had my last ever exam for my studies. I'm not yet graduated, as I'm still writing my master's thesis. 

Paris Outfit - Aztec Chique | Paris Outfit - Monochrome in Paris | Random June outfit - Monochrome Vogue


Outfits of the Month - July: Vintage Dress Up | Picnic in the park + how to ride your bike in a maxi dress

In July we had a friend of the boyfriend from the US sleeping over at our place. At the same time we were moving to a new apartment and he moved together with us. During those weeks we did some fun things together, such as biking from Amsterdam to Leiden. That was a pretty long way, haha! And the entire month of July the weather was amazing! In July, I also went to see Caro live for the 10th time. In the meantime, I saw her for the 13th time too. It was a good Caro year! Like I told her in the beginning of 2013; the trend color of 2013 was Emerald, this was going to be her year! And it was!

One of the most viewed posts of 2013: Together With My Sister (click here for her blog)


Outfit of the Month - August: My Self Made Dress

In August I made my first ever video for the blog. Namely, a DIY of how to make your t-shirt into a crop top temporarily without using anything but your hands. I had a lot of good comments on that video, so I'm hoping to do more as soon as I have another video idea!

Random outfit from August: Gold, yellow & green on our Chesterfield

Outfit of the Month - September: My 10th Caro Emerald Concert

September was the month of our vacation (or as I called it, Eurotrip). We travelled to 6 different European cities by train. I hadn't been to 5 of these 6 cities before, so it's great to finally have seen those places. We had a lot of fun and we also did some good shopping.

Prague | Budapest | Venice | Zürich


October was a great month for my blog. In October my new layout came online including photos of my very first professional photoshoot, I was invited to my first event for the blog; the Zalando Blogger Awards, I went to the press opening of the first Dutch Urban Outfitters store in Amsterdam and I became a guest blogger for Dutch webshop Dresses Only. I'm still very happy with my layout and I hope you still like it too!

Also, my boyfriend started working full time in October, which resulted in me losing my one and only outfit photographer. I found my new outfit photographers in Simone and Ellen. Thank you both!

Outfit of the Month - October | Zalando Blogger Awards | First outfit shot by Ellen | Urban Outfitters press opening


Outfit of the Month - November: Black & Gold + some fall/winter fashion tips

In November I uploaded my second video for the blog, a shoplog from the Primark press opening in Eindhoven. This was the first time you could hear my voice. I got very positive comments and also some nice suggestions to do better next time! This was also one of the most viewed posts on my blog in 2013! In november I also went to a huge record fair together with my father and boyfriend. We bought a lot of great records and I can't wait to go again. And last, but definitely not least, the ilovefashionbloggers network drink was in November. I met some very nice fellow bloggers there with whom I hope to have a lot more fun in 2014! When I went to the network drink, I brought my very first business cards with me. 


Outfits of December | Winter Proof, Sparkling Polka Dots, Posh for Less, Cosy meets Chique

Outfits: Getting in the Christmas Mood | Santa was in Town
In December I did a great project together with some of the lovely girls I met at the ilovefashionbloggers drink. Together with Sharon, Saranda, Wendy, Virgit, Iris and Nathalie I made a special Christmas video. You can check out the video and the links to their blogs here.

Well, these were all my highlights of 2013! I hope you had a great 2013 as well and I hope your 2014 will be amazing too!

Now, do you have any favorite outfits or posts?



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  1. Wat een superleuke post! Echt veel werk, maar ook erg leuk om naar te kijken! Vind je zomeroutfits het leukste!

    1. Thanks! Het was ook veel werk om te maken, haha! :) XX

  2. Leuk en overzichtelijk om te lezen :D Wat een leuk jaar heb je gehad!

    1. Dankjewel! Heb zeker een leuk jaar gehad! :) Gelukkig 2014!

  3. Super leuk overzicht en gelukkig nieuwjaar :)

  4. whoop whoop, ik ben een highlight!

  5. Ziet eruit als een geweldig jaar! Ik had me voorgenomen een favoriete outfit te kiezen aan het eind van de post, maar dat kan ik echt niet :( Je wolkenjurkje is zo mooi, de eerste outfit uit februari, je zelfgemaakte jurk.. eigenlijk alles, wauw!

    Femke van

    1. Haha, dankjewel! Er staan ook erg veel outfits in deze post! Gelukkig nieuwjaar! XX

  6. Wat een leuke post! Heel erg leuk om zo'n overzicht te zien en nog eens na te lezen! :)

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    1. Aah, dankje! Vind ik leuk om te horen! :) XX

  8. Je stijl is zo mooi en uniek! En wat super dat je je idool hebt ontmoet :)

    1. Jeee, dankjewel voor dit leuke compliment! :)

  9. Wat leuk om te zien zeg!! Ik vind jouw stijl echt leuk.

    1. Thanks! Leuk dat je dat vindt! :) XX

  10. Wat heb je toch een leuke eigen stijl! Mooi overzicht! :)

  11. Super leuke post! Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!

  12. Oh wauwww, jouw style!! Helaas past het niet echt bij mij anders was ik even hard aan het kopiëren geslagen en had ik me zeker door jou laten inspireren.
    Anyway, supervet jaar!

  13. Super gaaf gedaan dit! Mooie outfits meis op naar een niuew fabulous jaar! <3


  14. beautiful year in review style! wishing you a successful and happy 2014!

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    1. Dankjewel! :D En ik vond hem ook echt super tof! :) XX

  21. happy new year! :)

  22. Leuk overzicht en I like your style :-)!

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