On this page you will find a list of websites, blogs and other media where me and my blog were featured. If you would like to feature me as well or would like to do a collaboration with me, please let me know through the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

You will find the features in chronological order from newest to oldest.

21-01-2014 ELLE NL Streetstyle Report | People @ AFW Downtown - Bloggers Café

20-01-2014 Girlscene | Love The Look 4

10-12-2013 I Love Fashion News | 5 favorite readers outfits of the week

18-11-2013 Girlscene | Love The Look 3

04-07-2013 Modepolitie (Fashion Cops NL) Facebook Page 2

10-05-2013 It's True Blogger's Spotlight

08-04-2013 Modepolitie (Fashion Cops NL) Facebook Page 1

18-03-2013 This Is Vintage Now Facebook Page | My Self Made Dress

28-02-2013 My Super Sweet Life Blog | List of Favorite Dutch Fashion blogs

12-11-2012 Girlscene | Love The Look 2

22-10-2012 Caro Emerald Offiicial Facebook Page | The quest for the perfect Royal Albert Hall dress

01-08-2012 Maison Fashion Blog | The Style Of... Sonja

01-06-2012 Girlscene | Love The Look 1

20-06-2012 Fashionscene | Obsessed with my... Red vintage purse

I hope you will enjoy the rest of my blog!

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